Partner for development and management of information systems in energy sector

We develop IT solutions that address your needs
comprehensively. From small companies to large players, energy business is in the best hands.

30 years
of experience in IT and energy sector
The best experts
in consulting and analytical research
24/7 control
over critical systems operation


With our system you will be able to collect and manage meter data on professional level. It will be easier for you to fulfill data reporting obligations. As we have direct contact with meters producers, we will help you with selection, purchase and installation of meters.

Operation of systems and meters is under control

Trading and supply

Provide customer service of commercial and non-commercial products and services from one system. You will receive instant overview of balance of purchases, sale and supply. You can rely on electronic communication with partners in accordance with rules of liberalized market.


Trading and customer service

Complex solution

Operation of distribution system, trading and final supply of energy is easier with our solution. In energy, it is possible to combine several activities and become a universal player. The vision of one end-to-end solution is a reality with us.

We combined benefits of XMatik®/MDM and XMtrade® for better address of your needs.

Market operator

Ukrainian and Slovak short-term electricity markets (DAM/IDM) are operated on our software system. Our platform can connect domestic market with foreign ones. With us you can clearly control progress of trading day and fulfillment of system's tasks.

We bring comfort to trading and increase liquidity of your markets


Basis for successful operation of wholesale market is integrity and transparency. Transaction monitoring and evaluation will provide protection against manipulation. Confidential information is safe thanks to strict system certification requirements.


Reporting of trading transactions

We combined the best. Experience, innovations and commitment to move forward.

We have long been an important player in energy sector. Market liberalization, reliable products and experienced team create conditions for further growth not only in Slovakia, but also in region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Peter Chochol, Sales Director

Do you want to take your business to the next level?

- Peter Chochol, sales director

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