XMtrade® Trading

Purchase and sale of commodities on the wholesale market and their optimization is easier with our system XMtrade® Trading. You can handle nominations of daily diagrams and report transactions to state institutions quickly and efficiently.

Detailed register
of EFET partners and contracts
Day-ahead and intraday market
in one system
Immediate overview
about state of business

About product

Business records

Management of trading partners, long-term and short-term bilateral contracts and wholesale products. Generation of confirmation documents for EFET contracts and wholesale invoicing.

Nominations and reporting

Generation of daily electricity diagrams from contracts, automatic day-ahead or intraday registration with subject for imbalance settlement (so-called scheduling). Provides reporting of wholesale transactions according to the REMIT regulation.

Communication with trading platforms

Download information on final prices through trading platform interfaces. Support for download of information on trades (PXS, SPX, ...) for evaluation of trading position and further processing.

Trading position

Balancing of trading position takes place through external, internal, cross-border and customer contracts. Evaluates aggregate values ​​of volume and price for selected period - collection, delivery, balance, purchase price, selling price. The output is also information on the achieved profit and loss (P&L).

Purchase optimization

Proposes to prediction curve through wholesale commodity products, taking into account their market price and price of imbalance.

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Peter Chochol
sales director
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Kristián Takáč
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Direct contact
Chochol Peter
sales director
+421 2 50213142
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