Market operator

We bring comfort to trading and increase liquidity of your markets

Day-ahead and intraday market
in one system
European standards
for the short-term electricity market
Interconnection of trading areas
with cross-border connection
24/7 control
over system operation

When we launch a trading platform into operation, we are always experiencing this historic moment that will radically change the way of trading in the market

- Libor Láznička, Department Director of Development

We developed XMtrade®/PXS product especially for electricity market operators. It provides all the necessary functionality for organization of the day-ahead market in form of auction and intraday market in form of continuous trading. It enables organization of the day-ahead and intraday market in local mode for one or more trading areas or in a cross-border market interconnection mode.


Provides operation of daily auctions for purchase and sale of electricity and continuous matching of orders during trading day. Validates financial covering for trading transactions in organized short-term market.


Do you want to take your business to the next level?

- Lucia Liptáková, product Portfolio Manager

Case study

XMtrade®/PXS for OKTE, a.s.

OKTE’s position as an organizer of the electricity market and the tasks which we perform in connection with this are unique, affecting all market participants. That’s why we choose long-term reliable partners to achieve the highest quality information systems solutions

– Ing. Milan Lipovský, Head of Services, Member of Board, OKTE

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