XMtrade® Supply

Provides complete operation from conclusion of contract to billing. You can rely on electronic communication with partners according to rules of liberalized market.

Electricity and gas
in one system
Electronic communication
according to the technical specification
Protection of personal data
in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

About product

Business records

Easy management of delivery points, customers, contractual relations and product portfolio. Several delivery points from one contract, according to the customer's request, can be divided into smaller groups for advance payments, deposits and settlements. Each delivery point can have its own address, its own cycle of advance payment and deposit.

Electronic data interchange

Two-way communication with distribution companies for process of supplier change, changing technical and fundamental data of delivery points, service requirements and obtaining invoicing documents. For average user, content of complex XML messages is generated into comfortable view in the browser.

Invoicing and accounting

Settlement of documents and subsequent individual or combined invoicing for supply and distribution of energy, services and non-commodity products, invoicing of fines and interest on arrears. Preparation of accounting documents and transfer to various accounting systems (SAP, HELIOS ORANGE, OMEGA, FIBU, ...).

Payment and receivables management

Receipt and automatic matching of payments, generation of direct debit and payment orders. Monitoring of payment discipline of customers, generation of reminders, generation of documents for out-of-court recovery or for sending to court.

Customer requirements and complaints

Management of customer requests, including complaints that were initiated from various communication channels (via telephone, email, letter, customer portal, personal visit to the contact center, ...). Management and administration of customer requirements as affected persons under the GDPR Regulation is a separate and complex agenda.

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Peter Chochol
sales director
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Kristián Takáč
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Direct contact
Chochol Peter
sales director
+421 2 50213142
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