Provides communication with meters from different producers. Collects and evaluates metering records, which are consequently transferred to a central data warehouse for energy market settlement.

Immediate overview
on status and result of data collection
Electronic data exchange
with market operator
Remote connection and disconnection
of meters

About product

Data collection from meters

Data collection is done automatically at specified time intervals, with possibility of re-collection. Direct connection to meter (e.g. Iskra, Schrack, Kamstrup, AppliedMeters, SanXing, Landis + Gyr) is provided through mobile or fixed connection. Indirect connection through auxiliary device (connecting component, hub), which automatically sends data to server.

Electronic data interchange

Communicates with central data repository of meter data, system operators and energy suppliers, in accordance with established market rules.

Substitute values

In case of disconnection or failure of direction, it starts calculation and reporting of substitute values. Once connection is re-established, additional collection and reporting of actual mater data ​​is automatically done.

Support of smart meters

It supports two-way communication with smart meters. In addition to continuous measurement of consumption or supply data, also provides other qualitative measurements or information on faults. Two-way communication also allows remote disconnection or connection of delivery point. Ensures compliance with legislation for deployment of smart metering systems (IMS). It makes meter data available to customers on daily basis through modern customer portal.

Process monitoring

Key indicators are available in real time. On one screen, it is possible to clearly monitor data collection and fulfillment of legislative obligations, as well as number of unprocessed requests for service request, status of commands and volume of transferred data.

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