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Completion of Phase II of research and development of new intelligent solutions

Industrial research and experimental development of new intelligent solutions, implemented from November 2019 within the project ICE (International Centre of Excellence), completed Phase II. The research focused on current trends and requirements related to the support of the use of energy from RES and the need to ensure quality and manageable energy. The consortium consisted of 4 research institutions, in which the applicant was the multinational company Atos IT Solutions and Services, s.r.o. (from July 3, 2023 change of trade name to Eviden Slovakia s.r.o.) and partners were Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, and our company SFÉRA, a.s.

The project was funded by the Operational programme Integrated Infrastructure 2014 - 2020.

In the project, our company implemented:

  • Design of database data structures and design of data entities
  • Prototypes - prototype for collecting measured data from devices in partner laboratories - CE2 / ZC (Collection Center), where the data flow from partner servers to the project repository was optimized; prototype for database storage - CE2 / DB (Database), where an environment for creating and managing objects and devices was created, and a prototype for simulations, analyzes and predictions - CE2 / VS (simulation portal)
  • Creation of a web portal that can calculate the optimal sizes of photovoltaic panels and battery storage for the user based on input parameters, which would be necessary to cover a specific annual consumption of the user in a given location
  • Control, testing and verification by filling the database with data from a laboratory microgrid, testing the prototype in relation to a real microgrid, and verifying the functionality of an integrated solution
  • On the project page a connection to the Battery Calculator and MicroGridBox® portal was created

The achieved outputs of the project also include:

  • MicroGridBox® trademark - a tool for creating and modifying graphic models representing microgrids and their integration into simulation and monitoring software
  • International patent application Computer-implemented method, system and computer program for electricity meter readings validation. The patent relates to a technological process for validating measured data from electricity meters (measurement control), based on which it can be determined whether the measured values ​​are credible or not credible
  • Trademark named MikrogridXT® representing functionalities extending the MicroGridBox® tool

Creating an electrical network model for simulating the impact of renewable energy sources and other network elements on connected devices in an electrical system will enable calculations of microgrid models for designing a new microgrid, optimizing and developing existing microgrids, and ensuring higher security of an energy system by eliminating negative impacts and undesirable phenomena in the network.

We would like to thank all colleagues who contributed to meeting deadlines and achieving high-quality final results”.

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