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SFÉRA participated in the relay race “Hory Bory 2023”

On the first weekend of September, our colleagues - runners of the association ŠK SFÉRA - ZDRAVÝ ŽIVOT set out for the first time on a relay race from Beskydy to Pálava.

The start was on Saturday, September 2, 2023, at 6:00 in Dolní Lomné near Jablunkove. The terrain was hilly and the trail was predominant on the route. Our team sweated a lot - climbed more than 5,700 and descended 5,900 meters. During the race, each of the runners ran 27 to 37 km.

They reached the finish line in Mikulov (CZ), with a final time of 36:03:55. With this time, they secured 79th place and among the teams from Slovakia, they finished in an attractive 8th place 🏅

We thank our colleagues who accepted this challenge for their successful representation: Martin Kaňuk, Tony, Livka, Luky, Majka, Šani, Miška, Miro, Niky and Tomáš and great drivers Vladi and Kristián K.

Thanks go to the association ŠK SFÉRA - ZDRAVÝ ŽIVOT for financial support and the opportunity to represent SFÉRA.

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