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We have updated the market operator's information systems

In connection with the amendment of Decree No. 207/2023 Coll. of the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (ÚRSO), changes have entered into force as of 1 January 2024. This amendment, among other things, established the responsibility of OKTE, a.s., for the process of changing the settlement entity and the balance group and to allow for the chaining of the responsibility for the unconventionality. To comply with the new regulations, OKTE, a.s., made significant changes to the XMtrade®/ISOM and XMtrade®/ISCF systems. At the same time, the three largest distribution companies have also implemented changes to their external interfaces and made their processes consistent with each other and to comply with the new regulations.

Our development team has successfully implemented and tested these changes within the required functional scope and quality in compliance with all statutory deadlines. This confirms our status as a reliable partner for the development and management of information systems for strategic players in the energy market.

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